NEW AWARD: Best Travel Writer 2013

On 20 July 2013 I was named Best Travel Writer at the National Travel Industry Awards in Sydney, Australia. Total shock, but a great thrill and honour.
Many thanks to Craig Owens, of Cruise Office, for nominating me, and for Quentin Long, publisher of International Traveller, for publishing the winning story. Respect to Cruise Weekly/Travel Daily team for giving me the break into cruising, which definitely helped pave the way to this gong.
And of course, every cruise line, airline, hotel, motel, tourism board, tour operator, train, bus, ferry, kayak and hot-air balloon that has ever assisted me!

This is the moment where my name was announced. Jaw dropped.

Walking up to the stage – don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip.

Staring at the trophy, wishing I had prepared a speech.

Amazingly, getting a few laughs. I found it hilarious to be speaking in front of 1200 people. What a night!



  1. Large congrats Louise.

  2. Leighna:

    Great choice. Congrats Lou. Keep ’em coming!

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