NEW blog making waves!

After much pushing and screaming, The Cruisey Life has given birth to a bad baby, The Cruisey Life: Uncensored.

Not your average cruise blog, this is the cheeky stuff that doesn’t make it to print in your Sunday newspapers…

“What happens onboard… stays online.”

Sections include:
– Cruise Confessions
– Full Of Ship
– Talking Ship
– Hot Buoys

Topics to come:
– How to avoid boring cruise passengers
– So you’ll NEVER go on a cruise??
– Worst cruise photos ever
– What does one do with one’s butler?
– Secret shipper shopper: I test out random travel agents’ cruise recommendations
(in Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart)

Laughter guaranteed or your money back. Yeah, I know, it’s free. So nothing to lose, right?

Please check it out and sign up to follow my posts on

Thanks, cruisers!

– Louise Goldsbury

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  1. Leighna NYC:

    I’m laughing already? What does one do with the butler? Is he ALL accommodating?
    Should he decline my advances….I mean requests, may I return him for another?
    Do I have the option of asking for specific type of butler, i.e.- Tim McGraw? Adam Levine? The Game (rapper), or maybe Justin Timberlake? (Forget Jessica Alba!)

    Let me know! :) !

    Leighna NYC

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